NEW! Winter 2021 Seasonal Small-batch Organic Tisane

Chocolate Holiday

Featuring Cinnamon from Adaptations Farm in Captain Cook, Hawaii, and Cacao shells from Hawaiian Crown Chocolates in Hilo, Hawaii. 


New Packaging!

Coming SOON!
Look for my new design and NEW SMALL BATCH organic healing herbal tisanes, coming soon to a social feed near you by following me on Instagram!

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Bedtime Flowers

Did you know that the herbs in this sleepy-time tea are ALSO helpful for cold and flu symptoms?

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New Music

"Breezes blow," life changes and that's what keeps it moving and interesting! Good will always come back around, and so will times of darkness. Fear not - keep your attention on the beauty the future has to bring!

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Amanda Painter is a woman of many interests and talents. Herb connoisseur, singer and songwriter, poet and writer, dancer and ukulele player, nature lover, and formerly, a yoga instructor and massage therapist... Now a mama and resident of Hawaii for 10 years. 

"I am excited and so grateful to have a platform where I can give the world everything I have to offer. Whether it's through making plant-based medicines or through writing or music or any art form, being able to transform pain into a lesson or source of inspiration for someone else is one of our most precious gifts as humans."

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