Recipe: Apple-less “Herbal Apple Cider” with Cinnamon and Lady Love’s Balanced Moon from Mana Tea

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Cinnamon is one of my favorite general herbs to work with. It is excellent for digestion, strengthens the heart, and its grounding effect creates clarity of mind upon the first cup.

I love how it adds body to more ethereal blends. According to Frawley and Lad in my favorite book on herbs, The Yoga of Herbs,

“It is a good diaphoretic and expectorant in colds and flus, and is especially good for those of weak constitution.”

When my son was first born, I felt so depleted in so many ways. My constitution was weak at the time and I caught three colds that winter. I started adding cinnamon to almost all of my teas and recipes, and found that it rejuvenated and helped grow my immune system.

It also helps with pain, increases digestive fire, or Agni, and doesn't aggravate pitta dosha.

One happy evening before our son was born, his father experimented with adding cinnamon to Balanced Moon. (This is the new name for Lady Love... I am expanding the Lady Love line to include multiple blends to benefit women's health!) What he created tasted JUST like hot apple cider!

I have finally decided to feature this amazing recipe and stop keeping it all to myself!


This “apple cider” is completely herbal, apple-free and caffeine-free. One thing I have yet to try but think would be amazing is to use cinnamon sticks in the steeping process. If you try it, let us know how it goes in the comments!

Herbal “Apple Cider”

1 full mug of Lady Love’s Balanced Moon by Mana Tea

2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice

2-3 Tablespoons honey

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Make Balanced Moon by Mana Tea to taste as desired. Add the remaining ingredients and stir thoroughly. Enjoy!

This herbal rendition of the classic creature comfort is great for the whole family. All of the herbs in Balanced Moon are generally good for children. For young children and toddlers, cool down and dilute with a couple of ice cubes.

Balanced Moon is an organic herbal tisane intended to help women with menstrual and menopausal symptoms. NO, they do not do anything weird to men’s hormones. It WILL help them with their digestion and make them less gassy, though 😉 a win for everyone!

If you’re feeling inspired to bring more cinnamon into your life, check out my two blends that contain cinnamon. Chai Detox contains Ceylon cinnamon bark, and Chocolate Holiday has Hawaii-grown cinnamon from Adaptations Farm in Captain Cook, HI.

I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe. If you try it I would love to know how it turned out for you. Let me know in the comments!

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