Licorice Root Benefits and Precautions

For my botany-loving friends out there,

Did you know that licorice root comes from a legume!?

Glycyrrhiza glabra; Leguminosae

Legumes, for my non-botany buffs, create nitrogen in the soil, giving nutrients to the plants around them.

That’s harmony, in a legume-nutshell!

Benefits of licorice root

The benefits of licorice are oh so many, and for those of you thinking,

“Bleh, I hate licorice! But I'm already down this internet rabbit hole and I want to see what she has to say,”

Licorice root DOES NOT taste like licorice candy. Star anise tastes like licorice candy. Fennel tastes a bit like licorice candy.

Licorice root tastes slightly earthy and VERY sweet.

Licorice root for clearing the lungs

Licorice root leaves an intensely sweet taste on the palate, even in small amounts.

Along with that flavor comes a powerful expectorant quality, effectively clearing the lungs and stomach of mucus.

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Indications that licorice root may be a helpful herb in your life include having:

  • A cough

  • A cold

  • Bronchitis

  • Sore throat

Note: there are also reasons to NOT take licorice root. Keep reading to learn more.

Licorice root for smooth digestion

Having some tummy troubles?

One thing that always jumbles my digestion is waking up earlier than normal.

When I do, I drink a cup of tea with licorice root in the afternoon, and my tummy is always happier for it!

Drinking a cup of tea with licorice root can help soothe muscle spasms in the stomach, tone mucous membranes and reduce gut inflammation.

Abdominal pain and gastric hyperacidity can also be relieved with this rejuvenative, demulcent herb.

Ayurvedic points of mention

One thing that I noticed when researching the Ayurvedic effects of this herb was that it works on all tissue elements.

Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, sees the body's systems as a layering of elements, from plasma, to muscle, to bone, with many intricacies in between.

This particular herb works on ALL of the systems that make up our bodies. Every element and cell benefit from this herb!

Licorice root for better contentment and inner harmony

Ayurveda also recognizes the mental, emotional and spiritual effects of plant medicines.

According to Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. David Frawley in their co-written book, The Yoga of Herbs, licorice root has a sattvic quality.

“It calms the mind and nurtures the spirit. It nourishes the brain and increases cranial and cerebrospinal fluid, promoting contentment and harmony.”

(Do you suffer from seasonal depression? Check out my caffeine-free organic tisane, Chocolate Holiday, with licorice root and cacao shells!)

Precautions for licorice root

There are DEFINITELY times when you would want to avoid licorice root, and certainly there is such a thing as too much licorice root.

Precautions include edema, hypertension or high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Licorice root is a vasoconstrictor and increases fluid retention.

It also inhibits the absorption of calcium and potassium and is not for those with osteoporosis.

Otherwise, drinking a pot of tea with licorice root a few times a week should be generally safe for most individuals looking to clear out there lungs and heal mucus membranes, or for those who like the taste and want to blend it with others herbs.


Licorice root is an excellent addition to an herbal tea blend, as it can harmonize the effects of other herbs. It's sweet flavor smothers any unpleasant or bitter flavors from other herbs... they say, “A spoon full of sugar

helps the (herbal) medicine go down!”

I hope you've enjoyed this bit of information, and that it's brought value to your life.

What are your experiences with licorice root?

Do you like it in tea?

Do you like to chew licorice root sticks?

Reach out if it sounds like something that would benefit your life!