Mana Tea News

Updated: Nov 23, 2020


I thought I would take some time for this weeks blog to dive a little deeper into some of the changes I’ve made with Mana Tea.

When I first started my company back in 2014, I had such little knowledge of how to run a business, and lots of knowledge on how to make amazing herbal teas. Now I have even more knowledge on herbs and a much clearer picture of what Mana Tea needs to continue to bring you the best quality blends.

Waste management was a big factor in designing the new packaging. How much waste I produce making the blends and how much waste my teas drinkers are left with were main points in question.

Now, instead of selling my teas in a (somewhat mysterious) box (with a bag of loose herbs inside), I‘ve simplified to just selling my teas in the bag itself, identifying it with a sticker label.

That means no more excess packaging when shipping my teas to attempt to maintain the shape of the box! And no more storing a big box in your kitchen cupboards. Just a simple plastic bag that conforms to the shape of the herbs.

I do hope to be plastic-free in my packaging soon. I had so many bags leftover from my old packaging that I wanted to put to good use, and this seemed like the simplest way to do so.

I also am no longer weighing any of my blends. That process was tedious, time-costly, and impractical for the blends themselves, since each herb weighs a different amount.

Weighing my teas allowed me to keep a consistent price point, but how much tea ended up in each bag varied from blend to blend.

Now each 4” by 6” bag is FULL to the brim with herbs, which means more tea for you and less time spent weighing each bag for me!

More tea in each bag does lend to a higher price point, which now accurately reflects the actual cost to make the tea.

Back in my beginnings, I felt more satisfaction essentially giving my teas away than I did actually selling them.

Now I'm a mama with a mouth to feed, and a greater sense of self-worth, and I feel, given the quality, effectiveness and quantity of herbs in each bag (enough to make at least 30 cups of tea), the price is just right 😉.

I am also making my blends in smaller batches, allowing me to make changes where I need to, procure more locally grown herbs and save resources to put out more limited or seasonal batches.

Another fun thing that I've added to my labels is a “something to read/do while waiting for your water to boil.” Learn a little more about a featured herb, find out where your herbs were grown, or learn a simple practice or activity to boost the effects of the tea itself!

I dearly appreciated your support and feedback. I'd love to know what you think so far! If you feel like it, leave me a comment in this blog and let me know.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to restructure and realign my business, and to be of service to you bringing you high quality, organic herbs blended perfectly for your health, wellness and happiness.

Thank you for reading!