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Mana Tea

Founded in Honolulu

All of my proprietary blends are time-tested and designed to taste delicious and be perfectly, naturally effective. Each bag of herbs will make at least 30 cups of tea!

NOTICE: Wix has SHUT DOWN my payment processor. Apparently herbal teas are on their list of restricted items. PayPal is still working, and I am happy to arrange other forms of digital payment if you prefer. I apologize sincerely for any inconvenience, and I appreciate your patience and understanding as I navigate this small challenge. MAHALO!


I started Mana Tea in 2014, ambitious as ever with very little knowledge of how to run a business and plenty of passion for herbalism and herbal medicines;
especially, teas.
These blends are my go - to's ... the medicines I make for myself when I need some extra herbal healing. 
They are all delicious and have a gentle but true effect,
and they are all handcrafted by yours truly.
Each box includes loose herbs, enough to make 30-50 cups of tea. 
All herbs are organic and fair trade, and some are grown locally in the Hawaii Islands or in the Sacramento area.